i cannot understand why this keeps happening…

so for the last few days when i’ve gotten home, my apparent asshole dog, i mean, the love of my life [Ralph(ie)], was outside the fence…..


this is Ralph.

every time i have searched for why and how this keeps happening.  (especially since my dear husband’s dog randomly jumped the fence ~years ago~ and got hit by a car.. shockingly emotional…)  well. i have blocked all possible random outlets over the last few days. if Assface, i mean, cutest dog ever(!) Image

is outside when i arrive home tomorrow, i will have to become one of those fabulous (ha!) women who carry their dog in a “purse” [=if your dog lives in there, it has long since been a “purse”]  he can obviously NOT be trusted…  sigh.

FYI.. Ralph doesn’t always look that gay (as in the first pic)… he is in-between adorable short cut and awesome lion-like long ‘do (as in the second pic!)…

FYI…. we do have another dog.   but she is camera-shy.  it is totally bizarre..

meet Urlene…

i think this is so funny. Ralph looking serious and Urlene looking happy and aloof..

hi, pretty grrrl.

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