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early morning snarky from last Saturday…

so i work at a state university.  specifically for a close friend of mine that i lived with for a few years in college (the first time around..)  now i am a student again and do some building management for … Continue reading

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do you all think i have a problem? i do not…

the diet coke is my hubs’.. he is such a pussy.

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guess whose ass was in the yard when i got home….. (update)

i win.

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crazy shit my mom texted me…

CrazyMom:  How do you edit songs for a wedding? (as if it’s any different when you edit songs for non-wedding occasions…) me:  With love (this was actually my smartass hubs..) (and he was druuunk…) (and so was i. ha..) (which … Continue reading

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son of a bitch.

i just spent an hour writing something. FYI.. do NOT pop out the posting window before you submit the post. touche, wordpress. fucker.. update: i    am    an    idiot. it saved as a draft… not nice to make … Continue reading

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i cannot understand why this keeps happening…

so for the last few days when i’ve gotten home, my apparent asshole dog, i mean, the love of my life [Ralph(ie)], was outside the fence….. every time i have searched for why and how this keeps happening.  (especially since … Continue reading

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